by Heather Gullery

God is calling many women and mothers to shift their spheres of service from just their family onto the front lines of society and the church.  Many of these mothers have been in the secret place and are well prepared for their assignments. Many have brought up their own children and have grand children, but as a result of hearing God calling they  are volunteering themselves into new arenas of children's work, both inside and outside the church. Some have been drafted, and are going out of obedience. There's a shift and a shuffle going on right now as many are being set in position as God is looking to save a generation, from babies up.

As they begin to minister to little children we will see whole families flood into the Kingdom of God. It's already upon us!! Women who have been pondering becoming teachers will find them selves doing it and loving it. There's a shaking and a sifting going on as the old guard are moved on to make room for this new army of women who know how to pray and love like we've not seen for about 30 years. They will mix their old success with the new anointing that God's pouring out on them and change a generation. 

Strategic babies will be born this year and next. Some people will have late babies well after they thought their families were finished. These babies will be true worshipers because of the parents that God has chosen for them and how they will be nurtured. Others will take in babies and give them a home for life. These children will do great things for God because of the nurturing and rich input they have had. There is so much HOPE for the future.  

But Jesus said , let the little children come to Me , and do not stop them , for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Matt 19:14



Heather Gullery leads TARGETS ABLAZE MINISTRIES, a revival ministry based in Dunsandel, Canterbury, New Zealand. She has a life story that has produced a refreshing direct approach to ministry and is in increasing demand as a prophetic, healing and evangelistic preacher.  The depth of ministry experience exhibited by Heather reveals a woman who for many years has been committed to serving in Prison Ministry in a number of positions and roles and serving in a local church as a Community Outreach Co-ordinator.  Heather is also a graduate of the Reinhard Bonnke School Of Fire.

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