by Cherie Trent

I see a new band of Creatives, rising through the land, bringing redemption. They will be walking in flow, they will be walking in connection with the Divine Creator, with the Master Craftsman. They'll be knowing that they are Beloved, walking in identity, training in transformation and process, and character, as well as skill; skill that goes beyond them because it is connecting to the Divine. I see Craftspeople being raised to a new level of creativity; solutions, innovations, blueprints that will transform atmospheres wherever they go, bringing restoration and redemption of gifts and identity, of call and presence of God breaking in. 
I hear a call going out to the East and West, to the North and South. Let those who are called to Creative Skill and Gifts, arise, wake up, prepare hearts.
There's a wave, a healing invitation for you, a welcome, a celebration, Heaven celebrates who you are!
There's an openness in the Heavens to say, "Yes!", to partner with Heaven for creativity, solutions, blueprints, strategy in every sphere of culture. 

So, I believe in the Wind of the Spirit, that God is breathing over this land - if God is stirring in you for creativity and revelation gifts with creativity, let Him begin to breath into you this healing wave of knowing you are welcomed, loved, celebrated, and let this go deep - and begin to shift you into a new place of creativity in Him. 



Cherie serves with her husband Matt on the senior leadership team of Catch the Fire, Auckland. They love to grow teams that bring the presence of God through worship and prayer.  

Cherie has established Streams Pacific Ministries in NZ, teaching John Paul Jackson’s spiritual development courses for maturing in the ways of God. This includes growing in revelation gifts of prophecy and dreams, how to walk in honour, favour and fruit that blesses your church and pastor, and what a Streams outreach can look like. Cherie carries anointing to release dreamers, and is a gifted dreamer herself. Her mission and call is to let God flow through her, 

  • Redeeming and restoring Biblical understanding, application, and anointing for Dreams and Visions
  • Releasing the awe and wonder in the art of hearing and walking with God 
  • Encouraging growth in identity, character and peace as a loved son and daughter of God.
  • Restoring value and practise of creativity as a pathway for Spiritual connection and transformation

For more information please see CTFA church website and Streams Pacific website.


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