by Dayle Wright

Recently my husband Ian asked our church staff to bring a short word about what God was saying to the church to our staff meeting.  This is what I saw. 

I saw a beautiful coastline area with a lovely house on premium real estate, situated on a hill overlooking the beach and ocean. The view was spectacular.  

Suddenly there was a massive shift in the tectonic plates underground, resulting in a huge earthquake. This dramatically changed the landscape (like Kaikoura). The house became dislodged and fell, in one piece, off the cliff and into the ocean.

Amazingly it didn’t collapse, but floated, almost like it was finding its footing, then set down foundations and became established underwater. I had a bizarre awareness that even a garden flourished around it, with lots of fish swimming around it. 

When I asked God what this meant, I believe the house represents the present-day church (individuals and families) and the sea represents the sea of humanity.

In the vision there is a sudden unforeseen change in circumstances completely outside of one’s control. This major upheaval effects every part of life.

This may be personal (eg. broken relationships, disability, changes in lifestyle due to finances or other people’s choices) or corporate (company redundancies, natural calamities, governmental policy changes).

Because of the change there is a massive shift in perspective. Part of that entails new relationships with different people than usual. Initially that may feel strange, but it quickly becomes relaxed and, surprisingly, more enjoyable that what was formerly known. It’s almost like there is a sense of fulfilling purpose with no desire to return to the ‘former things’.

I believe it’s God’s plan to thrust the church into the sea of humanity. This will require adjusting on many different levels.

If people take time to focus on the Lord and enquire as to what He thinks, and what He wants to do in the new situation, there will be grace to accept the change, and it will be easier for them.

For some, however, there is confusion. The new normal could be contrary to what they have believed, and they may be angry, believing that God has turned against them. On the contrary, God wants to take them by the hand and give them a fresh perspective. 

Looking at Scripture there are parallels.

Despite Jesus’s command to the apostles, (Go into the world and preach the gospel) they stayed in Jerusalem. It was only after intense persecution came that they left.

Jesus told us to pray for workers in the harvest (Pray to the Lord of the harvest that he would 'send' workers into the harvest.) The word for 'send' is same word used to ‘expel' demons.

(The harvest is ripe, but the workers are few) This is the Lord answering this prayer and the workers are very capable of fulfilling their role. God does not deploy workers to areas where the harvest is unripe.

With acceptance of the new normal, there is a flourishing and a realisation of purpose, expressed with increasing love. (It’s the kindness of God that brings people to repentance.) The church is now a part of the community, actively involved in being kind, rather than being seen to be observing from a distance. There is a harvesting of fish (mankind) that is happening.



Dayle and her husband Ian pastor Invercargill Christian Centre. They have been in ministry now for 34 years and believe  that we are living in exciting times, and that the ‘best is yet to come!' Dayle is the NZ co-ordinator for Bethel Sozo New Zealand. Dayle's testimony is of recovery and restoration, proclaiming a hope and wholeness through the healing power of Jesus. For more info...

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