by Ian Johnson

During the last three days in New Zealand we have hosted THE WINDS ARE BLOWING gathering. Darren Canning from Canada (originally from New Foundland), where members of his family live in a place called "The Northern Corner", and Ian Johnson who was born on a farm at The Mouth of the Waikato River in The Southern land called New Zealand, together they released Ruach" (breath) and arched the winds. The glory and the power released was monumental.

The book of Enoch declares, "I saw the treasuries of all the winds; I saw how He had furnished with them the whole creation and the firm foundations of the earth. And I saw the corner-stone of the earth : I saw the four winds which bear the earth and the firmament of heaven. And I saw how the winds stretch out the vaults of heaven: and have their station between heaven and earth: these are the pillars of heaven."

God said to Ezekiel "Speak to the winds" that Ruach (Spirit) may come back into the dry bones now standing as an army." 

Solomon wrote: "Awake, O north wind, And come, wind of the south; Make my garden breathe out fragrance, Let its spices be wafted abroad. May my beloved come into his garden And eat its choice fruits!"

So it seemed clear to me that God has given the winds a role in bringing Kingdom transformation into the earth. The Lord spoke to me about arcing the winds with Darren. We landed something special Governmentally and today I can declare "THE WINDS ARE BLOWING." 

The fact that Darren's family have been involved with generations of revival in Canada and my wife, Joye's, parents were Pentecostal Pioneers in New Zealand (Joye's Dad was E T Mellor Superintendent of the A/G in NZ 1929-1943 and Joye's mother  saved at 7 in the Wigglesworth Wellington meetings in 1922) hasn't escaped my attention. The winds and DNA of revivals from our nations were released in the Winds Are Blowing meetings.

What will we do with these winds of reformation and renewal that are now blowing? 

In 1550AD, from prison where he had been locked in for his faith, a mystic called St John of the cross wrote, “In the inner wine cellar I drank of my beloved, and when I went abroad through all this valley I no longer knew anything, and lost the herd which I was following.” He also wrote concerning the Song of Solomon: “South wind come, you that wakens love, breath through my garden, let its fragrance flow, and the beloved will feed amid the flowers." His experience proved that no matter where we are, the Lord has gone there before us, and His love will always be found by those who seek it. (See Psalm 139) There is no depth, no height, no width to which we can go, that when we get there we can't find our Lord and master, our beloved Jesus, ..........there is no prison or enemy that can prevent this wind sweeping your garden. 

Out of the prisons we find ourselves singing songs of abundant love and freedom. A place where we go on from saying “Lord Breath on me” to “Breath through me.” John of the cross said, “The Garden is our soul. When the Lord breaths into the soul He imparts, but to breathe through the soul (garden) is to put in motion the fragrance."

Enoch says in his book, "Through the portals of the north and South winds come, rain and dew and fruitfulness, health and prosperity." So as the winds are blowing begin to step into its influence.

What happened over this weekend of arcing the North and South winds has released an irreversible move of "Ruach" (The Holy Spirit) in both Canada and New Zealand. Every nation that lies geographically between our nations will get caught in this wind of transformation, which pretty much covers every nation; just take a look at a map. All that is required is that you lean into the wind and allow Him to blow through you. 

Watch this space over the next short period of time. Both Canada and New Zealand will make the news around the world as God confirms His word with signs that make you wonder. 



Ian Johnson is an itinerant prophetic revelator and revivalist from Auckland, teaching and activating with fresh mana from the Word. He and his wife, Joye, minister together, encouraging the body of Christ to move into revival and the Glory realm.

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