We have no formal membership in this Network – it is not an organization that you belong to, but a ministry set up to provide a service. That is, to provide a platform to get the prophetic words God gives, out into the nation and to train prophetic people, bringing them into maturity in the use of their gift.


The NZPN will not be ordaining people as prophets, but we will recognize, confirm and encourage people in their prophetic call and ministry.

The call to be a prophet, or any other 5-fold minister, comes from God.(1 Cor 12:28, Eph 1:1, Eph 2:20, Eph 4:11). The recognition of God’s call, and a person's sphere of anointing (metron), happens in the Body of Christ as people are seen to function in that gift and calling (Prov 18:16).  That recognition by the Body of Christ can result in a local church/ministry or apostolic group recognizing and releasing a person to function in their ministry gift (Acts1:23). Any local church ordination is usually done in conjunction with the leadership of the church and other 5-fold ministers (apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors and evangelists).


The NZPN team will not be giving personal prophetic words through this website. It’s not the purpose that this ministry was set up for, so we ask that you respect that and please do not write asking for one. Our team members do give prophetic words, as the Lord leads, when they are out ministering in churches and events, but they do not do so on demand.