by Frank Devlin

The Lord recently impressed on my heart some of the changes that we will see happening in the Body of Christ.

We will see Apostles and Prophets working and walking in partnership with one another, which will lead to increased revelation being released. These revelations will bring a fresh understanding and confidence in what Father is doing, which will empower the teachers, pastors and evangelists to function with fresh revelation, with signs and wonders following. This will be due to an increased understanding of who they are in Christ, which will give them greater confidence and higher faith levels. This will lead to a revitalizing and use of the gifts of the Spirit throughout the Body of Christ.

Apostles and Prophets will be used like a wrecking ball, smashing against strongholds that the enemy has built and guarded over many years, and the shaking that vibrates through the territory, and the breaking down of the walls, will spread fear in the enemy’s camp. As a result of this there will be a new-found release and freedom for the saints who have lived within the range of that territory.

Prophets will rise up and move in dimensions that we haven’t seen yet. They will have more influence in the nations and will apply the gift of wisdom to innovative solutions for problems that no one can find an answer to – in work situations, medicine and in the political arena. Father will place in their hearts a love for nations and lands. They will speak to the land and bring renewal, both spiritual and physical.



Frank is currently part of the key leadership team at Hope Centre in Lower Hutt.  Outside of Hope Centre he ministers under the banner of "Pass the Baton".  He mentors Pastors and leaders, both in NZ and Overseas. His heart is to see revival break out with people walking strongly in Christ knowing freedom and victory. He has worked extensively in equipping people to help fulfil their divine purpose. His insights into leadership and pastoring and teaching in the Body of Christ give him a unique perspective into equipping the saints for the work of ministry. Frank has a passion for the Body of Christ and seeing every person released to take their place in working in the Kingdom.