by Maggie Bowcock

“For I tell you the truth, throughout history there has never been a man who surpasses John the baptizer. Yet the least of them who now experience God’s heaven realm will become greater than he. From the moment John stepped onto the scene until now, the realm of God’s kingdom is bursting forth, and passionate people have taken hold of its power.”  Matt 11:11-12.

"And each of the builders worked with his sword strapped to his side. But the trumpeters stayed beside me." Neh 4:18.

We are in a pivotal prophetic moment in New Zealand and this word is a call to build on the prayers of the saints who have laid a foundation for this next move. We the believers, the least, have greater authority than that welded by John, who Jesus said was the greatest in the Old Covenant (Matt 11), so we know that God's Kingdom is bursting forth, and we are taking hold of its power. Because we know who we are, we can move into a greater realm of authority.

There are two visions I saw in the heavens for New Zealand.

1. The plan of the Kingdom is to work with the Ekklesia to create a structure over our nation (I see it like a hot house of God’s Presence and power) that will raise up the generations to be strong plants, restoring the nation to an Eden for God's children. To send from this place of strength, warrior/kings into all the earth. This is a call and the destiny of New Zealand – to show what restoration and reconciliation looks like to the world. It is no error that we have tremendous natural beauty. New Zealand was, and is, meant to be a prophetic picture of  the Kingdom of heaven on earth, in terms of being under God’s headship and authority. We were meant to flourish. We were meant to walk with God in the garden.

 2. The other vision I saw is the enemy’s plan, where he has been working to turn New Zealand into a dustbowl, and he has stepped up his plans to send a wrecking ball through this nation, to place us further in a subsistence lifestyle. When there is no abundance then self-preservation and an inward focus is commonplace. I believe that God wants abundance, and an outward focus towards the nations of the world, and His trumpet call is reminding us to call that forth and to build the walls – around our lives, communities, institutions and nation – with the swords on our side (Neh 4:18).

There is an anointing for breakthrough on the prayer warriors that are the living gateways, listening to Heaven.

There is a call on these believers to join forces and work with each other, and the heavenly hosts, in ruling and enforcing His rod of authority in the spiritual realms in the areas that He has shown us. There must be no agreement with anything less than to enforce the full restoration of this part of the earth to God’s original design that Jesus died and rose again for; not just to redeem humanity, but to redeem the nations for Himself.  

This requires a call to war on the part of the Ekklesia where we ‘passionately release’ (Matt 11:11-12) the cry to evict the strongmen over this nation and pull down the rulership of the Kingdom of Heaven. It is time for the prince of the power of the air to be disarmed over our nation.  We can be encouraged because there is a call for a coming together and a militant uprising in the prayer/declaration realm. With that call, fresh mantles of revelation are being released – a fresh call and a fresh anointing and empowering – and we are going to work together with Heaven in this warfare. The call is to release the seers, to identify strongmen, and for a gathering of the prayer troupes, as the angelic hosts move in on our behalf. We are going to experience a greater supernatural involvement in the fusion between Heaven and earth within the gateway of our lives. There are new revelatory mantles to be picked up to accomplish this task by those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

It is not business as usual. We must lift our eyes higher and recognise that we are in an era where God wants to answer the prayers and cries of previous generations for this nation.

It is the fullness of time for our nation to go up to the mountain and fight again. I believe that God is behind us in this, and we will win. This is His plan – to unshackle this nation from every form of poverty and ruin, to clear the obstacles and make a dwelling place here in Aotearoa for the presence of God. We are called to be blessed to be a blessing.

I see strategically that the Lord’s people, over the generations, have dug wells in every part and region of this nation. It is time to unblock and release those wells, to release the anointing and the power of God for salvation and deliverance that has been stored up, or lost, in those wells. We have a shortage of housing in this nation and many homeless. The Lord is saying, "Go again to construct My dwelling place over this nation, a place for Me to dwell, and I will build your houses."

He is saying, "Go again to the mountain of the Lord, in unity of prayer, and see if I won’t answer you and deliver this nation into your hands. Just as Samson pulled down a house, so My church can, and will, pull down a house (those structures that God has not built in our families, institutions and society and laws)." It is time to tear down the death and destruction and to build and to plant the alternative. It is time for the troops to catch the vision and work with the hosts to bring in the King of kings. It is not too big a vision; faith as a mustard seed that comes from God can move mountains.

This is the era of a divine shift and this nation is being called to take part. We are in a time of a fresh empowerment. We can see it, and pick it up and run with it. It is a time to be confident in who God is, in who we are with Him, and a time to be confident in His timetable for this nation. We are already at war, but I believe that God wants to encourage us. He has matured and sharpened us, and we will go again to work with the Lord to enforce His Kingdom. He wants to encourage those who are weary to keep standing. Through the prayers of the saints God will restructure all forms of leadership in this nation as we see the outworking of His hand. It is time to release our own agendas and see where God is working, and come alongside and work with Him. It’s a time for humility and gentleness with each other in the Body of Christ, and a time to see His Kingdom come. For everything there is a time and a season, and now is the time and season for intercessors to arise again in this nation.




Maggie Bowcock has been a prophetic minister/seer and intercessor for over 30 years. During that time she has been used by the Lord in a wide range of arenas such as Church Leadership, Education and the Arts. Over the years Maggie has trained up believers to move in their prophetic gifting through teaching and preaching in prophetic schools and conferences, and she has ministered in New Zealand, Australia, Vanuatu, and Tonga. She is a ground-breaker prophet and has been used to open up a way for the Spirit to move in hard places, and to establish things at a foundational level. She loves to encourage those who are not functioning in a place of public prominence.