by Anita Alexander

It’s time for Australia and New Zealand to ride again.. I’ve been seeing the word YES everywhere and I believe the Lord is saying we are entering a season of all His promises are Yes and Amen.

Since I have been seeing yes I have been seeing yip and yis. Now to my Australian ear when a Kiwi ( New Zealander ) says “yes” my ears hear “yis”, when a kiwi says “yep” my ear hears “yip” (that is how I hear their accent). So it has been a joke lately between myself and a very close girlfriend of mine (who is a New Zealander) that when I am seeing “yis” and “yip” everywhere as well as “Yes”, I say to her God is speaking Kiwi as well.

But then as I was saying this one day to her the Spirit of the Lord said to me, “I am prophesying through these signs, even though you have thought it amusing.” I heard the Lord so loud say, “I AM SAYING YES TO AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND IN THIS HOUR! IT IS TIME FOR THE PROMISES I HAVE SPOKEN FORTH OVER THESE NATIONS TO BE FULFILLED.”

Judah and Benjamin Anointing

The Lord further spoke to me and said it’s time for Australia and New Zealand to partner again for the sake of the nations. As they partnered together more than 100 years ago to bring about breakthrough for Israel, in this time I am calling them to stand up once again and comrade in the breaker anointing I have placed upon them for the sake of the nations. I see Ministries from both nations partnering in a Judah and Benjamin anointing on assignments and God-given commissions to bring a fullness as the Lord is going to use these two nations at the ends of the earth to release the glory of the new day on the earth.

Glory of the Lord Through the East Gate

For as they are geographically positioned in the Eastern Gate on the earth, as they are the first nations to see the sun rising of every new day... the Lord says, “The Glory of the Lord is going to come through this east gate and go forth to the nations. As Messiah came through the East gate of Jerusalem as a prophetic picture, so will my Glory arise over these two nations at the East gate and this Glory will call forth the nations of the earth into the biggest harvest the earth has ever seen.”

Australia and New Zealand Unique Trumpet

I saw the Lord has reserved Australia and New Zealand a unique trumpet. This trumpet is for these two nations and has a very unique sound only to these nations; this has been reserved to blow in a specific time in the ages. It is an end time trumpet, a trumpet reserved to be blown to gather the nations of the earth at the foot of the cross. The nations of the earth are yet to hear this particular trumpet. The frequency and sound has not yet been heard, but I see the Lord calling Australia and New Zealand to rise, to stand up now and join together.

I see the Lord is releasing a unique breath into these two nations. This breath is the breath they will need to blow the trumpet and sound the alarm. Australia and New Zealand, the Lord is filling your lungs with His breath; for it is not by Might, nor by Power, but by my Spirit.

An Exhortation to Australia Do Not Look to Foreign Lands

I hear the Lord saying to Australia, “Look not to the shores of other lands for the release of my Glory upon you. For there will be a sound that will come from within, the eruption of Revival in Australia is going to come from the ground WITHIN the land... it will come from ones within the land, not from a foreign land.

For there is a groan within the land of Australia that has come from her people ... there has been the groan of intercession and as the groan intensifies it will come forth and burst forth from the ground up, like an artesian well that lies beneath her desert surface. I hear the ground in Australia creaking and groaning as the birth pangs of a move of God are rumbling.

Then suddenly a breaking open, SUDDENLY a bursting forth, an eruption that cannot be held back by any man, an eruption that cannot be stopped by any devil, for “Who can stop the Lord Almighty?””

This eruption will be one of liquid fire like molten bursting forth from a violent volcano.

BANG!!!! I hear the sound in the Spirit, as the tension is being pulled in the Spirit through intercession, the tension will meet Glory and the BANG of breakthrough will resound throughout the Land it will be heard from all 4 corners of the country.

New Zealand Will Groan Herself Into the New Day - Goodbye to the Old Order

I see a groaning in the land of New Zealand which is manifesting in the movement of her earthen plates. I see the dawning of a new day upon her shores. For where there has been the strangle hold of religious structures within the church in New Zealand, forever relentless in its pursuit to kill off a move of God, I see those structures disintegrating beneath the moving plates created by the cry and the groan that is getting louder and louder in the Spirit by the spirit of intercession.

Continue to travail New Zealand, for you are birthing a new order. You are birthing a new government in the Land. Continue to CRY ALOUD for your voice is being heard; continue to LIFT UP YOUR VOICE for the sun of righteousness is arising over your land with Healing in his wings and you will be released like calves from the stall.. you shall tread upon the wicked and they shall surely be ashes under your feet.

For, yes, a new fire will come to your land and this time you will not reject it. This time the new order will embrace the fire and flow with the fire and you, as a nation, will walk in the Fear of The Lord and see much breakthrough and victory come as a result of this fresh fire.

For the religious structures are disintegrating and dismantling and no longer hold the nation in its grip. For through your groaning, New Zealand, the Lord has heard you and He has come to take vengeance upon that which are the enemies in your land and enemies to you fully experiencing and embracing a move of God.

Lift up your voice with a song of rejoicing for truly I hear the resounding cheers of rejoicing throughout your land as the horse and rider are thrown into the sea!





Anita Alexander is a Prophetic Revivalist and Psalmist, author, Songwriter and Recording Artist. Together with her husband Dr Sasha Alexander, she is the co-founder of Golden City Church, Kingdom Academy School of the Spirit, Director of Revival Flame Ministries and founder of Arise Shine Intercessors Australia. Anita is a speaker who releases prophetic revelation and impartation by Prophesy, Intercession, Prophetic Praise and Worship and prophetic articulation from the written Word of God. Motivated by an intense Love for the Body of Christ, Anita’s passion and compassion is to see the Church forsake religion and tradition and awaken to His Love, arise and walk in their true overcoming identity as sons and daughters of the Kingdom, who manifest the Possessing Victory, Glory and Power. For More info...

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