by Heather Gullery

I saw fire. I heard tumultuous wind. The fire was burning in many places in Australia and New Zealand. The wind was blowing and igniting wild fires in both nations. The fire was unstoppable. It jumped the ditch many times—impossible to put out. The fire was permeated with love and comradery. It was an apostolic fire that would soon cover the entire earth. I saw a bridge of fire between Australia and New Zealand. It was shaped like a handle that linked both nations. God could pick up the handle and pour out the contents like it was a jug.

Next I saw passports. Many were rushing to renew their passports. Others were blowing dust off them. The dust turned into fire as each person blew it off. The fire then took on the form of many arrows.

Once again I saw the bridge between Australia and New Zealand. It became a bow for God to shoot arrows across the earth. I saw Asia and I heard the word “Germany.” The Lord said, “I have arrows specifically for prodigals.” Kiwis who ran to Australia to get away from God will be shot in the heart with fiery arrows of love—love that wins every time.

The Lord said, “I have heard the cry of the native people and I will bring holy justice and full restoration in their lives.” I saw the life-giving blood of Jesus cleansing Australia in the area of Alice Springs and all through the outback. God will bring justice for the native people. Things will come to pass in Government that many have been praying about for years. 

New Zealanders and Australians will be true "brothers in arms." God will use them to demonstrate and release His fiery love in the nations.



Heather Gullery leads TARGETS ABLAZE MINISTRIES, a revival ministry based in Dunsandel, Canterbury, New Zealand. She has a life story that has produced a refreshing direct approach to ministry and is in increasing demand as a prophetic, healing and evangelistic preacher.  The depth of ministry experience exhibited by Heather reveals a woman who for many years has been committed to serving in Prison Ministry in a number of positions and roles and serving in a local church as a Community Outreach Co-ordinator.  Heather is also a graduate of the Reinhard Bonnke School Of Fire.

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