by Craig Wilson

I sense an encouragement to the Body that adds to the ‘word’ we have heard and received about a season of divine acceleration that is pushing many further into their purpose.  I believe that the two words ‘amplification’ and ‘alignment’ are being highlighted in this day.


I sense that Holy Spirit is about to bring many into a season of amplification – particularly those who have some current form of public ministry.  This amplification would come upon individuals and churches to extend the reach and influence of the voice and message they already carry and cause the impact of their message to be increased.  This is something not to be strived for, or earned, but is a divine promotion that adds power to bring increase to what those individuals and churches are already doing.  The picture I get is like the hand of a sound technician turning up the volume control on a sound desk.  The individual behind the mic doesn’t need to work harder or strain their voice to make it louder, but just needs to trust the sound technician to set the volume control for the right sound volume and mix to be projected from the speakers. 


I also sense the moving of ‘cogs and gears’ to bring about the correct alignment of relationships in this day.  Many have felt out of place or even displaced, but in this season there’s a fresh meshing of ‘cogs and gears’ going on.  Again the message is one of trust, where Holy Spirit encourages us that there are hidden cogs and gears of purpose that He only needs to adjust a little that will bring you into divine placement and alignment.  The emphasis is on small adjustments that aren’t massive shifts.  You are closer now to your divine placement for this season than you thought.  A small adjustment will bring about a disproportionately large change in your alignment. These ‘cogs and gears’ are hidden or unseen to our eyes for a purpose. If we could see them we may be tempted to force them into position ourselves.  I see the hand of a master watchmaker working on the internal parts of a pocket watch with many complex and different sized internal cogs that all move at different rates, according to the cog they are linked to.

 Action bullet points

  1. A time for leaders to take inventory of those around them and start to strategize to ensure the best use of gifting and talent in these days. Leaders are to be looking at their people and assessing who’s ready for what, so that no resources are wasted – not in a cold calculating way, but in caring spirit of Fatherly, wise stewardship.

  2. The small changes that leaders make in these days might seem insignificant, but the right adjustments will bring forth great fruit.  It’s like it’s time to look over the fruit of people’s lives and a fresh season of promotion and harvest is upon us.  I see kiwifruit vines with the fruit hanging heavy, fat, ripe and developed, ready to be picked, packed and sent off to the markets.  I see this as the lives of those being prepared and ready for ministry in our churches.



Craig is part of the leadership team of Living Waters Christian Centre in Christchurch, and involved in the growing prophetic community being developed there by Janet Chambers. He has been married to Jacqui for 14 years, is father to four amazing kids, and owns and operates a busy landscape architecture practice.

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