by Lynley Allan

This prophetic word was shared at the NZ Prophetic Council in Christchurch on 21st Feb 2019.

Right now we are in a time of transition

We are in a Selah moment in God. A time to pause and reflect on Christ.

A moment in God between where we have been and where He is leading us.

2020 has untold promise. I have a deep sense that we are entering into a time when the Fear of the Lord will flood the earth. An awesomeness of God’s Spirit that will rest on the righteous and cause the unrighteous to come to Christ.

Right now - God is preparing His bride for the days ahead in two ways

  1. Holy alignment and reassignment.
    People are being called to new Kingdom assignments. Some have been re-mantled with a different anointing and call. You will see ministries re-emerge looking very different to what they walked in previously 

  2. Pruning of our lives and ministries - we are living in John 15, a pruning for greater fruitfulness.

In the Kingdom of God, our Father is the one who prunes our lives for 2 reasons

  • To cut off dead branches that have withered.
    The things that were once very fruitful but are no longer producing

  • To stimulate greater growth and quality of fruit on our branches

Being pruned by Father God is NOT the same as…

  • times of suffering

  • or testing

  • or the consequences of sin

  • or demonic attack

God is NOT angry with you!!

When we are pruned it does not mean we have done something wrong

God prunes the fruitful so that we will produce an increase in quality and quantity of fruit.

He is REFINING OF OUR LIVES. God is refining His bride, shaping her to be a precision tool in His hands.

There is a call to the Bride to YEILD IN ORDER TO YEILD

Yield to the Lord, for He is wanting to bring forth a greater yield from your life.

Novice in the new

God is said last year, “I do not want you to be an expert in the old, but a novice in the new.”

Keep your eyes on the presence of the Lord because you have never been this way before.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!  Jesus is leading His church forward into the unknown. Allow the Selah moment in God to abide in His presence and draw upon Him and receive the new life flowing presence that will produce new fruit.

Another theme…

The mantel of the Prophet and the Evangelist are being yoked together in the season ahead for a harvest of souls.

God is yoking prophetic ministries with evangelists. They will work in step with each other to release God’s blueprint and strategy for harvest.

Similar to how the Apostolic and Prophetic work together to establish the church, the Prophets and Evangelists will work together to grow the church.

Acts 21:8 Phillip the evangelist had 4 prophetic daughters.

Holy Spirit is releasing a Corporate grace and anointing for evangelism

What has been hard will become easy because of the supernatural empowerment.

There is a heavenly directive to GO. There is POWER on a miraculous scale coming to the Prophetic ministry that will be key for evangelism.  



Lynley and Stuart Allan are Senior Pastors of Catch The Fire Auckland Church and are on fire to see revival sweep this nation. Lynley has ministered internationally for over 15 years teaching and activating people in the prophetic and most recently birthed a School of Revelation in Toronto in 2016. She is a recognised prophetic voice and is part of the Catch The Fire World Prophetic Counsel who have a mandate to shape the prophetic culture of the movement. Lynley is passionate to raise up healthy prophetic voices that accurately communicate the heart beat of Father God. She carries an anointing for transformation and sees many released into Sonship through her ministry. Click here for more info...