by Lyn Packer and Sashi Sehgal

As I was praying for the areas that were affected by the earthquakes late last year, I began to hear the Lord speak of His heart for those areas and His desire for them to know that His love and good purposes for them are ongoing. I had put off posting the word as I waited on confirmation, to make sure that it was a word from the Lord, not just my heart being moved with compassion for those affected by the earthquakes. (That is an important part of processing revelation – filtering out what is you - your opinions, your heart, and even your prejudices, and retaining what is God)

While I had received some confirmation in discussion with other prophetic ministers, I recently received further confirmation that it was the Lord from a gentleman in England, Sashi Sehgal. He wrote saying that he had been praying for New Zealand and was led to pray for Hanmer Springs and Springs Junction in particular, and he sent in what he had felt while he was praying. I’ve included that at the end of this post.

A call to us all

There is a call to the rest of the nation to continue to support the precious people of these areas in prayer, and in other ways, too, and not to forget them as they rebuild. I believe the Lord is saying that now is a time of great vulnerability for them; that after the initial shock, and the support that they received, now is the time that the enemy will seek to bring discouragement and disillusionment to them in the rebuilding process. We need to increase our prayer and physical support of them at this time, so ask the Lord for ways that you can help.

For that region and people

I felt the Lord reiterate that His heart is for you, that He has felt your pain and your suffering, and that He has plans to help you rebuild stronger and better than before. And while this will mean trusting Him to help you, seeking Him for His plans, and of course, effort on your part, it will be worth it as structures will be set in place that will help in coming years with both growth and strengthening those that live in the region. I felt Him say that He is calling you to enquire of Him, and in doing so, to allow His love to refresh and strengthen you for the rebuilding.

I also heard Him share things relating to Kaikoura and Hanmer Springs in particular. The Lord’s heart is for the whole region, and the following words, while directed at Kaikoura and Hanmer Springs, are also a promise of provision and restoration for the many other towns that were affected.


I felt the Lord say to me that in all you’ve been through in these past few months an internal work has been happening that is about to break forth. You will again be known as ‘the fire that cooked the crayfish’, just as your name declares. In other words, there is a fresh fire that has risen, and is rising, within you, and this fire will cause an overflowing of fresh vision, ideas and economy changers. It will cause a bounty and provision to be released that will be a blessing for generations to come. The infrastructure that was damaged will be replaced by new infrastructure, which will serve your coming growth and development better.

I sensed Him say, "Now is the time to seek Me with fresh passion, to dream fresh dreams, and out of our time together to plan strategically toward your future growth. I will cause a place of sustenance to be established within your borders as churches and town work together, and you will feed many, both in the natural and in the spiritual. To the churches, now is the time to serve your town and surrounding areas with love and humility, not in order to reap a harvest, but because that is that way of love; but know that in doing so a harvest will be reaped."

Hanmer Springs and the surrounding areas

"You have long been known as a place of springs, a place of refreshing and a place of balance being restored to people's lives. I am focused on you at this time and I want to reassure you that you will continue to be a place of blessing for many. Look up to Me, seek Me and allow Me to re-establish you in your calling to be a place of refreshing. I want to make you a place where visitors flock, not just for adventure and the healing springs, but for the even greater adventure of healing on an emotional and spiritual level. Also included in that is an invitation to them and you to adventure with Me in a place of prayer and relationship.

I’m asking you to pray into how you and I together can establish this desire that’s in My heart. There are those that I have spoken to about this previously who have set aside the dream. I say to you, let it resurface; let Me resurrect it and dare to believe again. To you I say this, though the vision has tarried, it is for an appointed time and it will surely come to pass if you will believe Me and work with Me to establish it."

From Sashi Sehgal, Maidenhead, England

Mr Sehgal does not claim to be a prophet but he does love to pray, and he wrote to us the following -

“This week whilst in prayer I was led to pray for New Zealand, specifically the South island. I was seeking for a ministry to entrust this to as I live in England and came across you all.  I trust that what I share is in keeping with what the Spirit is saying to you at this time.

I am not familiar with New Zealand, but as I prayed with the South Island on a map I zoned in on the area known as Hanmer Springs and Springs Junction. My spirit sensed that there are springs bubbling up beneath the surface of the island, releasing impact across the island.

It appeared to me that the Lord is encouraging a specific uprising of prayer and intercession from the South. I see a movement of prayer and of war, positioning itself for an outburst of God's glory through New Zealand. I felt the importance of these two verses - "Do not despise the day of small things" (Zech 9:10), for "I AM with you" (Matt 28:19). I heard the Lord saying to hold steady in the current, to hold on and maintain your course, to keep pressing in, for through it "God springs into action" (Psalms 68:10).”  


Lyn Packer


Lyn is recognised as a Prophet within New Zealand and other nations she’s ministered in. Her ministry is revelatory and catalytic, propelling people into encounter with God. The governmental prophetic gift she carries is expressed through prophetic, revelatory insight and strategy, prophetic words (personal, corporate and national), teaching, art, and writing. Click here for more info...



Sashi Sehgal


Sashi and his family attend a church called My Church, in Windsor, England. Greg Black, and Dr Sharon Stone are the Pastors. He has ministered within churches for many years in prayer, counseling and mentoring. He is self-employed and provides counseling and mentoring through his business and ministry ‘New Directions’. Click here for more info...

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