by Lorraine Hagen

Long ago history lived out a prophetic picture over the Cromwell area. Pioneers came looking for gold. The wealth was such they didn't count the cost of the journey, or the living conditions. They risked all for the chance of a better life.

Now is the time for what was outplayed in the natural in Cromwell to be outplayed in the spiritual. 

The purposes of God are hovering over Cromwell. He is looking for a people He may work through to create another 'gold rush' - one where people will rush to encounter the presence and power of God. Like pioneers of old the cost, the distance and their circumstances won't matter. All that will matter is the wealth of heaven that will be available in that place. The Lord is calling for His people in Cromwell to lay down their lives, their differences, their everything and seek Him so that He may COME and STAY and make Himself known.



Lorraine Hagen is the apostle of The Mission and the ministries that flow out from this work. As a general in the army of God, Lorraine leads both national and international initiatives, including training and equipping schools, prophetic gatherings, and mission work in Zimbabwe, India and Fiji. She significantly inputs into the Mission Fellowship in Nelson and Mission North in Whangaparaoa.
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