by Julie Ballantyne

I heard the sound of the Conch shell being blown. I thought it was the Shofar but felt the Holy Spirit say, “No, it is the Conch shell because you live on the edge of the Pacific Ocean!” The shell was being blown at Cape Reinga and the sound was going out across the nation, from Cape Reinga in the North to Stewart Island in the South.

I heard the Holy Spirit say, "The call to war has gone out, the call has been sounded, but this is a war of LOVE." I saw that the call is coming from the Throne room of Heaven and it's the call of the Father's heart for His children; it's the call of His loving-kindness drawing our hearts to His heart, washing away sin, rejection, misunderstandings, grief, shame, guilt, self-absorption etc.

It's the call drawing us to repentance of where we have had other idols on the Throne of our hearts instead of Him. It's the call of our Father, requiring us to lay down our lives and consecrate ourselves to Him, to prepare the way of the Lord, that all obstacles are removed so that the King can walk on the highway of our hearts.

I saw people respond and then I heard the sound of marching feet – the Soldiers of the army of God, marching on into this war of LOVE. I saw more and more people joining the ranks as they marched. The sound of the marching feet got louder and louder as they marched in their homes, neighbourhoods, work places, schools, streets...wherever they went, taking the LOVE of the Father and the Good News of the Gospel, sharing of their Heavenly Father wanting relationship with them through the Cross of Christ!

They were able to march FREELY and with AUTHORITY as the chains and shackles round their own feet were broken. This was because repentance flowed freely and forgiveness for others flowed freely in their hearts. They knew they were SECURE in their Father's love, they knew their Champion King Jesus was riding out before them, and they knew Holy Spirit was COUNSELLING them as they went out each day – marching, marching feet of soldiers fighting the war of LOVE!!

I saw Father's presence going before, and with, these yielded, consecrated soldiers. I saw His love flowing, and I saw Holy Spirit working with the soldiers to break chains of Disillusionment, Despair and Depression off people, and I saw Father's love filling them up, then fires starting to burn in people's lives – it was like an ignition switch had been turned on! Where there had been turmoil and chaos, I saw homes being filled with joy and peace as His love and truth broke the chains that had bound!

I heard the voice of the King declaring across the nation, "NOW IS THE TIME!!! - Prepare the way of the Lord; Remove the obstacles; Make straight a highway for your God! Every valley shall be lifted up and every mountain shall be made low and the crooked and uneven shall be made straight, and the rough places a plain. And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together; for the mouth of the Lord has spoken!”

Because it was a Conch shell that had been blown, I thought I would google it to see the significance of blowing a Conch shell, and this is what it said...

Blown in accordance with Hawaiian protocol, it is a call to the divine announcing the official beginning of a sacred ceremony.

Throughout the ancient Americas, conch shell trumpets were blown to announce significant earthly events, including the arrival of dignitaries at state functions, on the battlefield as a signal to engage the enemy, or otherwise direct the regiments, and during religious rites to accentuate the peak spiritual moment.



Julie Ballantyne has a passion for people to come into the fullness of who God created them to be. She brings prophetic revelation and insight that releases people from their past and moves them forward into their God given destiny and purpose. She has a heart to see people restored and set free to function in their rightful place in the Kingdom. She ministers alongside her husband Russell as Senior Leaders of New Day Church, Auckland, and they are expectant and excited about bringing in the harvest. For more info…

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