by Dr Michael Maiden

New Zealand is a womb for God’s Kingdom, He births things for the nations out of New Zealand, it is a country with a deep spirituality.

There is going to be some kind of geological discovery in the next couple of months. You’re going to say “we didn’t know this was here…” and for the people of God this is going to trigger an understanding that God’s got some new stuff for this nation. They are going to find new kinds of geothermal activity, God has springs deposited into the DNA of this country that He is calling forth, heavenly waters. It’s a tremendous time for you as a people. Joshua 1… be strong and very courageous.

Something has ended that something even better is beginning. You are in a spiritual transition. Joshua leaders are being commissioned. There has been a 40 year period cycling over, but God says now that has ended, so let’s get back to business. There is a glory that God has reserved for New Zealand that only you can give God. He’s ready for a new realm of Glory to be visited on the earth. Something wonderful is trying to happen. Moses’s ceiling will be Joshua’s flooring. You are in a position to take the baton and go to the next level. God didn’t just save you from something, He saved you for something. You are at the Jordan, the crossing point, and God says I don’t want this generation to be limited by the boundaries that other generations were stopped by. I want you to cross over into the promised land. You were doing something that others aren’t doing and God says He wants more of that, He wants to advance that, He wants to accelerate that.

It’s as if you’ve been sitting at the light and it hasn’t turned green, but God says, “Get ready, I’m about to turn the light green.” You are God’s Joshua generation. You are crossing over. You are going to go where others haven’t been.

It’s a new day, and in that new day God is going to finish some unfinished business. Be strong and very courageous. It is the ‘beautiful time’ for New Zealand (Acts 3) in that the Spirit of God is moving into places that have been broken. A Kairos season of visitation is on your lovely country. A new dimension of His Kingdom is raising up and raising you.



Dr. Michael Maiden and his wife Mary, are the senior pastors of Church for the Nations in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to his work in the local church, he is a strong prophetic voice to this generation and has ministered in that capacity throughout the world. Dr. Maiden is President and CEO of Church On The Rock International – a ministry that oversees more than 6,000 churches worldwide. He is also on the boards of Fishers of Men International, the Jewish Voice International and several local churches.

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