by Nina James

The Lord has been repeatedly impressing on me a vision that I had at the beginning of this year for New Zealand. 

He said, "I am coming to this nation with a new move of My Spirit, and when I do, not one man will be able to hold claim to that which I will do. My glory will go to no other. Not one man, one church, or one movement will be able to claim that which I am about to do."  

I saw multitudes of His saints - His sons and daughters standing together in unison. Thousands and thousands together in unity, strong and in rank. They were all wearing running shoes, different colours and sizes and designs. Some had very worn running shoes from all the races they had run and hard pathways and tracks they had walked, and some were clean and near new. 

Suddenly I saw the Lord's right arm stretching from the heavens to earth. His hand reached out toward these sons and daughters and He started removing all the running shoes from the feet of His people. 

I watched as suddenly wings with white delicate feathers, like small angels wings, were growing out of the side of the feet of the people. The look on some of their faces was calm and peaceful, yet even though this transformation was physically taking place, they seemed to understand what God was doing and they did not fight it. 

However some began to struggle, their faces were firm and distraught and they wrestled with the shoes coming off. 

The Lord then said, "I am coming to this nation in a way that you have not seen. Not one man will be able to stake a claim on that which I will do. Where my people have strived to do many things through their own strength and ability I, the Lord, am coming to remove the strength of man's arm and move through this nation of NZ in a new way. 

My Spirit will be like the wings on the feet of my people that will move them into only that which is of Me. Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit. A demonstration of power through My Spirit will ripple through this nation and many will come to know Me through this display. I have sons now in this land moving by My Spirit, and with fire, but My heart longs for an entire army. 

I will move through my devoted people and they will be resolute, strong, yet humble. I will cause them to fly in the things that My heart longs to see over this nation. Those that are yielded to me, and have given their lives for My cause in this country, will be led by Me and see many signs, wonders and miracles. Many will be saved and delivered. 

The running shoes must come off!! The running shoes must come off!!  The strength of man will be null and void and come to nothing, but those who walk by My Spirit will see life spring up, power unprecedented, and much fruit for My kingdom. The training has finished, the soldiers are ready and now I, the Lord, am coming."



David and Nina James pastor the Mission Fellowship and oversee the local church in Nelson. They have three daughters. David and Nina are a diverse mix of apostolic and prophetic gifting. David comes from a creative industries background and carries an anointing to build and advance the local church. Nina clearly speaks the Word of the Lord into the life of the church and saints. She also continues in successful business as a real estate agent. Both are invested in the move of God that affects and influences every sphere of society.
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