by Don Lake

This prophetic word was given by Don Lake at a Prophets Hui in Auckland in November 2012.

I see a picture of Jesus in the upper room where He  breathed on His disciples and they received the Holy Spirit  It was like the breath of life that came on dead bones. I think Jesus is going to be breathing on dead places and bringing them back to life again. I think about that scripture, it’s been in my spirit for a couple of days, when it was during the feast at the height of the celebration and Jesus said that He was going to be the living water flowing out of your bellies. Scripture says this about the Spirit that had not yet been given, because He as yet had not been glorified. I think that as we see Jesus being glorified and increasing in this nation now that He is here, as we acknowledge what He’s doing and honour that, and glorify Him for it, I think that we are going to see incredible outpourings of the Holy Spirit. Sovereign deposits in places that are going to cause water to flow, almost gushings of water coming out.



Don is the Senior Leader at Inspire Church Taupo and has for many years been well respected in his function as a prophet, both nationally and internationally. Click here for more info...



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