by Don Lake

Massive Realignments

I believe God is going to bring massive realignments over the next 18 months, with significant shifts in allegiance as God repositions widely different parts of His Body in preparation for visitation.

I believe previous affiliations are going to be replaced by new commitments, and the result will be that the Body will have an even greater capacity to carry the presence of God.

The increase in prophetic revelation is going to allow leaders to align themselves with what God is doing, and as that happens the people are going to have an increased confidence and willingness to follow.

Increased Mobilisation

I believe we are going to see a mobilisation of the Body of Christ over these next 12 months, with a greater recognition of the pivotal role of apostle and prophet, and a greater yearning to know the mind and heart of God.

There's going to be a greater response to the 'immediacy' of the gospel - doing what the Father is saying right now, with a resulting rapid increase in harvest.

Immediate Reaping in the Harvest

I believe we are going to see whole communities make decisions to follow Christ - not necessarily every person becoming a Christian, but whole communities agreeing that it is worth pursuing, and making choices in that direction.

I see the dreams of people who have been praying for family and whanau being fulfilled, sometimes as quickly as overnight.

I see massive harvest waiting on the prayers of His people.



Don was the Senior Leader at Inspire Church Taupo, is now an itinerant minister, and has for many years been well respected in his function as a prophet, both nationally and internationally. Click here for more info...



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