MARCH 2019

Prophecy in Aoetearoa New Zealand – Don Lake
Of all the nations, other than Israel, we are in a unique position when it comes to the prophetic – namely that we are the recipients of over 21 promises of Scripture. Read more…


Prophetic Insights for 2018 - Don Lake
I believe God is going to bring massive realignments over the next 18 months, with significant shifts in allegiance as God repositions widely different parts of His Body in preparation for visitation... Read more...

MARCH 2016

Prophetic Word For New Zealand - Don Lake
Last week I attended a gathering of the leaders of Ministers Fraternals, as well some apostolic leaders, from across the nation. They met together at a gathering called “City-by-City”. During that time there were two really significant prophetic Scriptures shared. Read more...


Prophets Hui - Don Lake
I see a picture of Jesus in the upper room where He  breathed on His disciples and they received the Holy Spirit  It was like the breath of life that came on dead bones. I think Jesus is going to be breathing on dead places and bringing them back to life again. Read more...